Frédéric defoy accompanies you

Discover the full expression of your uniqueness and brilliance to maximize your impact on your customers and society.

Frédéric defoy accompanies you

Discover the full expression of your uniqueness and brilliance to maximize your impact on your customers and society.


You are in transition professional

Learn about generative loop coaching
This training has been created according to the "Dialogue Education" approach to adult education, which allows for the effective acquisition of skills and knowledge. It will provide you with the tools, structured process and professional skills necessary to make the transition to coaching.
Gain confidence and expertise
I accompany you during your professional transition towards a coaching or human resources profession by offering you coaching sessions adapted to your needs (outside view, feedback, expertise... etc).

You are a professional
of the accompaniment


Master new tools

Our behavioral dynamics measurement tool allows you to explore human complexity, richness and diversity in greater depth and provide a complementary service to your clients.

Promote your expertise

I help you build a strong and dynamic structure that is tailored to your target audience. We work together to ensure that your content is effectively transferable and has maximum impact.

They make me trust

Thank you Frédéric for your active listening and caring throughout the training, your ability to adapt to the profile of each trainee, but especially the quality of the content of your training. A very rich and dense training as well as in terms of knowledge. I recommend it!
Christelle C.

The Intelli7 personality assessment is a unfathomable wealth. I am delighted to have discovered it and to be able to integrate it into my coaching. In my opinion, it is a remarkable toolfrom both a professional and personal perspective.

Marie L.

This training is THE most useful and interesting training that I have had the opportunity to follow throughout my professional career. The trainer's approach is a big part of it. I would obviously recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop coaching skills. I look forward to pursuing other modules.

Véronique A.

My coaching with Frederic was incredibly helpful as I was able to get to the heart of my greatest fears and desires. Frederic helped me articulate what I knew intuitively but was deeply buried. I left each session with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in my lifeand with the hope that my life was not just about surviving, but that in fact I had been created to blossom.

Tamara S.

I had to make a difficult decision and Frederic helped me to find clarity. He asked good questions and made suggestions that allowed me to to take a step back and be more serene. he is incredibly gifted as a life coach and is truly committed to helping people live abundantly.

Rebecca C.

Fred's spirit of authenticity was comforting and encouragingHe took the time to understand me and what I was feeling. He is also very perceptive and sees things as they really are. I always felt safe and trusted him easily.

Hattie B.

When Fred coached me, he pulled from my mind and heart questions and needs that are usually buried in them.

Jay N.

Coaching with Frédéric is theone of the best decisions that I have taken for a very long time. I am particularly impressed with her intuition and perception. Her joy and pleasure in coaching is completely contagious, and although our conversations are sometimes heavy with emotion, they always leave me with a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Philip J.

Frédéric is a man ofincredible wisdom. A session with him always leaves me stimulated and refocused on what really matters.

Brad B.

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