You are a professional of the accompaniment with a particular expertise that you would like to develop but you need a solid, dynamic structure, and adapted to an adult public

Training method for adults

Discover an approach to adult learning that will both enhance your content and ensure its transfer to your target audience.

build your training courses

Develop your contents

Build your training to be both structured and relevant to an adult audience. This structure will allow the development and deepening of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in a way that is directly applicable to the context of your participants.


We work together on your content so that it is transferable to the reality of the participants in your training.


I help you maximize the chances of a lasting impact in the lives of your participants by allowing them to take ownership of your content.

Enhance your expertise

I will help you set up an effective training curriculum based on the principles of Dialogue Education.

1. Writing a training file (for face-to-face training)
2. Creation and/or optimization of your training materials
3. Valuation of your training content
4. Creation of an online training platform
5. Appropriation of training creationtools (images, software vectors, etc...)

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