Coaching training

You are committed to helping others in their personal and professional projects: discover the Generative Loop Coaching training and access the tools and professional skills you need.
If you don't need ICF certification, you can also take the training at your own pace and independently through our online modules.

Generative loop coaching

Discover a training that ensures the transfer of a knowledge to be and a knowledge to make.

The skills you need

Gain credibility and confidence as a coach

This training is explicitly built on the 8 main ICF competencies is real-time and synchronous. This will allow you to use it in the ICF certification process.
25 new tools and skills
All these coaching tools and skills (divided between the two levels of training)
25 practice sessions
These sessions are done at each module and are followed by immediate feedback
Your unique coaching profile
Thanks to a personality assessment (among others), you will obtain your own dedicated and unique coaching profile thanks to its particularities
A new coaching model
Based on neuroscience and inspired by Gestalt, this model was created to respect the typical functioning of a human brain in a dynamic of change
Discover the programs of our coaching training on 2 levels.

specialized in adult education

The method Education Dialogue

  • 5 movements (approach, concept, manipulation of the concept, coaching practice session, and creation of a professional coaching booklet)
  • Learning based on the implementation of specific objectives
  • Respect for different types of intelligence and ways of learning
  • Exchange: the variety of intelligences and ways of learning considerably enrich the collective understanding of a subject
  • The immediate implementation of action levers resulting from the collective study of each new concept
  • Immediate feedback (from the trainer, from the learners among themselves) in all benevolence
  • Personal reflection to keep the most relevant for you and your context

What you will leave with

A training file

One file per level

A certificate of achievement

Attesting to the number of hours of training

A letter to ICF

Enabling you to claim accreditation

A personality assessment

Complete professional assessment delivered at level 2

Tools that can be used with customers

Already formatted and ready to use (level 2)

They have participated to the training

100% satisfied participants (2022 data)

This training is THE most useful and interesting training that I have had the opportunity to follow throughout my professional career. The trainer's approach is a big part of it. I would obviously recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop coaching skills. I look forward to pursuing other modules.

Véronique A.

A very well constructed training that adapts to the rhythm and functioning of its participants. I highly recommend it, the content is of great quality and the trainer listens, in an unparalleled benevolence. It is a perfect learning environment to gain confidence. Thank you!

Marie L.

This training expands our vision and our mind. The trainer brings a real link which puts in confidence and which makes it possible to really advance internally. He has an undeniable quality which transcends the real world. He is able to detect the invisible to bring it to light, he makes us move very quickly.

Prescillia R.
The training is of high quality and goes in depth into the subjects, right from the first level. I am in agreement with what I learned/experienced there and my personal and professional expectations. Benevolence and efficiency are the two pillars of this first approach.
Chloe V.

It is rare to participate in a training course where you come out transformed, encouraged, and enriched of knowledge and know-how so solid. Thanks to the trainer who excels in his field and to the content of the training, we acquire not only a very good professional basis but also a better knowledge of ourselves.

Vivianna L.

I highly recommend this quality training supervised by Frédéric Defoy. It transformed me: it answered expectations that had been present for years without being fulfilled. It helps you find your deepest resources. If I had to summarize it all in three words, DO IT!

Nathalie B.

This training went far beyond my expectations and my objectives were met. It taught me as much about others as it did about myself. A high quality training and a top-notch trainer!!! It is therefore without hesitation that I recommend this training to you at 1000%!

Sandra B.


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