You are in professional transition to a coaching or human resources profession: I put my skills at your service to bring you an outside view, feedback, experience, and all my expertise.
You are an individual and you are looking for a coach?

The professions of accompaniment

Gain confidence and expertise in the pursuit of your professional goal.

The skills I propose to develop

Gain credibility and confidence

Professional profile
I offer you a personalized accompaniment according to your needs and your aspirations.
The 5 themes above are possible ways of development.
  • Posture
    Strengthen your foundation
    Strengthen your foundations and establish your position as a coaching professional. Several themes are possible to consolidate your foundations: Identify the particularities of your practice, determine your fundamental values, develop your capacity to bring out a clear and specific request, refine your coaching paradigms, work on your view of your clients...
  • Strategy
    Strategic positioning
    Reposition yourself to value your unique contribution to the coaching world. Once your foundation is solidified, you can determine how to position yourself as a coaching professional and identify and value your unique contribution.
  • Professional profile
    Discover your companion profile
    Deepen your understanding of your coaching profile so that you can make the most of your resources while being aware of your areas of concern. You will cross-reference subjective and objective data to clarify, confirm, and provide avenues for developing your professional coaching profile.
  • Toolbox
    Gain expertise
    Explore around 25 skills and 25 tools to help you build your toolbox. You'll explore, select, and test those that are most relevant to you and your target audience.
  • Improvement
    Refine your practice
    Refresh and develop your practice by manipulating the tools and skills that best suit you and receive feedback to sharpen you to use them effectively.

Unlock your potential companion

In recent years I have been able to accompany psychologists, psychotherapists, special educators, human service professionals, skills assessment professionals, and coaches. I know the needs, the struggles, the fears, and the doubts that they encounter.

I also know that coaching is a demanding and expensive job and that is why I can also offer you other types of coaching.
Other possible accompaniments

1. Debriefing to allow you to debrief complicated accompaniments
2. Treatment of emotional filters if you regularly feel the power of one or more emotions (anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt, etc...) without being able to easily get rid of them
3. Brainstorming to imagine other ways to approach a delicate accompaniment
4. Supervision to help you stay close to your professional frame of reference and your code of ethics

They make me trust

My coaching with Frederic was incredibly helpful as I was able to get to the heart of my greatest fears and desires. Frederic helped me articulate what I knew intuitively but was deeply buried. I left each session with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in my lifeand with the hope that my life was not just about surviving, but that in fact I had been created to blossom.

Tamara S.

I had to make a difficult decision and Frederic helped me to find clarity. He asked good questions and made suggestions that allowed me to to take a step back and be more serene. he is incredibly gifted as a life coach and is truly committed to helping people live abundantly.

Rebecca C.

Fred's spirit of authenticity was comforting and encouragingHe took the time to understand me and what I was feeling. He is also very perceptive and sees things as they really are. I always felt safe and trusted him easily.

Hattie B.

When Fred coached me, he pulled from my mind and heart questions and needs that are usually buried in them.

Jay N.

Coaching with Frédéric is theone of the best decisions that I have taken for a very long time. I am particularly impressed with her intuition and perception. Her joy and pleasure in coaching is completely contagious, and although our conversations are sometimes heavy with emotion, they always leave me with a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Philip J.

Frédéric is a man ofincredible wisdom. A session with him always leaves me stimulated and refocused on what really matters.

Brad B.

Frédéric is extremely keen to allow the client to reflect and evolve his way of seeing, he gave me several particularly useful springboards I am still amazed and very happy about the path I have taken.

Marie P.

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